Eva Kess
Inter-Musical Love Letter

Inter-Musical Love Letter is the name of the new project by composer Eva Kess (Eva Kesselring). A “Letter” intended to spread a message and build bridges. A counterpoint to current events in the region, in the country, in Europe, in the world. Love as the strongest unifying force. Music as a magical, uplifting experience that has a positive impact. The “Letter” being written at a time when bizarre oddities seem to have become normal and social grievances are coming to light even more clearly than before.

«Beyond Third Stream, Eva Kess takes you on a musical journey not confined by stylistic labels. Well-crafted orchestrations and elegant performances will warm your heart as each piece transports you to a different soundscape.»
– Rafael Piccolotto de Lima 2021

The Inter-Musical Love Letter is going to be released on the label UNIT Records on February 3rd 2022. A Co-Production with the Swiss Cultural Radio SRF 2, recorded at the Hardstudios 24-27 November 2021.

Eva Kess – composition
Mirjam Hässig – Voice
Domenic Landolf – Tenor Saxophone & Alto Flute
Marco Karrer – Soprano & Alto Saxophon
Daniel Woodtli – Trompet & Flugelhorn
Felix Grandjean – Trompete & Flugelhorn
Julia Rüffert – Trombone
Vincent Brunel – Violin I
Susanna Andres – Violin II & Voice
Tatiana Zubova – Viola
Alejandro Olóriz Soria – Violoncello & Voice
Jonathan Salvi – Vibraphone
Cyprien Rochat – Guitar & Rap
Loïc Baillod – Double Bass
Felix Wolf – Drums

Lisa Laser – Graphic Design
Moritz Wetter – Sound Engineer
Michael Brändli – Mastering Engineer